Thursday, June 16, 2005

Estate Sale/Flooded pond/My first strawberry

I did it. I was a bad girl and went to the estate sale. I walked out with a book dated 1816 from London, and two vintage dresses. One is a sage green organza, and the other is a thicker cotton wiggle dress, both from about the 1950's, although the green one might be 40's. I spent $15.00. I tried on a riding hat, but it didn't fit, and a pair of shoes, but they didn't fit well enough to spend $5.00 on them.

My pond is just about ready to flood. We've had so much rain! I suppose I should displace some of the water in buckets because if it does flood, there goes my strawberry patch!

Today, I picked my first ripe strawberry of the season and gobbled it right up! Now, I have to buy netting so the birds and that silly rabbit doesn't get my precious berries. Harvest has begun!

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