Monday, June 06, 2005

Busy Hubby

Hubby started painting the basement with Wetlok. He chose gray. I wasn't too sure, but the color is actually quite nice. It's light enough, with just a hint of blue to keep it from being plain ol' gray. Hubby wants to turn the basement into a castle-look family room.

While I lounged away on the couch in front of the box fan and read Girl with a Pearl Earring, hubby slaved away outside and trimmed the hedges. They look so much better! He also trimmed under the apple tree so we can walk under it now. I set up two lawn chairs under it and hubby and I like to sit there and watch the rye blow in the wind and enjoy the garden, or our doggy playing in the yard. I ought to sing to him, "Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me, anyone else but me, anyone else but me. No No No!"

My mother is so proud of what we did to the yard. Really, hubby did a lot of the work. I planted the garden and flower boxes and weeded the flower bed, but hubby's been doing quite a bit! Besides buying the lawn mower and weed whacker, it's cheaper to tend to the yard right now than it is to work on the interior.


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