Monday, June 13, 2005

Friends/House/Rabbits/Heat and Humidity

Friday evening, our friends from PA and NJ visited our new home and had pizza before settling in at the re-enactment event. The general concensus was that it's a cute house, suitable for hubby and I, had loads of potential, and that we should build up when we add on, not out. I was pleased to be hostess again in hubby and I's new home.

Although, I'm not sure we'll stay forever. I wouldn't really mind, and hubby's pretty sure we're staying put. But there's a certain house we're really interested in and keeping an eye on. It's an original colonial house, exactly what we've always wanted, with acreage. The owner is sickly and we're seeing if she'll sell. But this won't be for years. She's not THAT sickly and plans to live there until death.

There is a rabbit haunting my garden! I saw him today, sitting in front of my tomato plants, so I walked outside barefoot and in my nightgown (luckily, it's fairly private back there) and approached the little guy. He hopped away a bit and then waited for me. I got within 13 feet of him before he bounded into the rye. Now, I need to rabbit-proof my garden! I'd like to do it humanely, but I may look into traps as well because hubby and I are eager for some rabbit in our freezer. We'd have to check with the DEC first. I don't think there are "seasons" on rabbits because they're so abundant. I'm usually a soft-touch for furry things and not big into hunting, but if it means less money at the grocery store and more meat on the table, I'm all for it!

It's been so hot and humid lately! For a week straight, so far, it's been unbearable at points. The garden loves it, though, so I'm not complaining. Especially after the winters we've been having! A little heat is welcome! I do have to adjust my schedule, and I spend loads of time in the basement during the heat of the day. I have plenty of laundry to do today, and some sewing, so I've got afternoon basement time today. :)

This morning, I'll do some gardening and clean the bathroom and do the dishes before the heat sets in too heavily.


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