Monday, June 06, 2005

Lazy Sunday, Lettuce Rescue, Empty Nest Syndrome

Yesterday was such a lazy Sunday. I went to church like I wanted to and was really excited to be there. It was so good to see all those familiar faces and worship the Lord. I got to hold my 1 year old nephew on my lap and enjoy his company. I got some stares, though because I wore a vintage late 40's early 50's yellow sun dress with a matching yellow shrug. I wrapped my long hair in a bun with the ends hanging out pony-tail style. I was cool, neatly dressed, and modest.

By the time I got home, it was scorching out. A dry heat, too. Everything was sucked dry. That's a rare thing here. We usually drown in humidity. I plodded down to my newly planted garden and saw that my lettuce was quickly dying. I watered the little plants and left them. A little while later, I checked them again and they were dry and looking just as pitiful. I was getting desperate and petitioned hubby. He didn't say anything. Was he waiting to see what I would do? (he knows I have a brain and forces me to use it sometimes) Or was he secretly wishing the lettuce would die and he wouldn't be forced to eat that "rabbit food." :)

I watered the little plants again, surrounded them with grass clippings and covered them with a homemade tent made from an A-frame you put over bushes in the winter time, and some wet muslin. The muslin drying cooled and shaded the lettuce while the mulch kept the water from evaporating from the roots of the plants. I checked them again in the evening and they looked 90% better! Hubby congratulated my efforts but didn't seem to share in my joy. Now, he'd have to eat lettuce. :)

How can someone without children have Empty Nest Syndrome? Well, I do. You see, the weekend of our move, a tiny robin hatched in a nest built in the bushes by the front door. Almost every day, I would peek in at the little, pink bird while it's mother was away. Then, we went away for a weekend and when we came back the baby was nearly full-sized and had all it's feathers. I marveled to my husband about how quickly he grew and hubby explained to me how it doesn't take long for some birds. I grew up with chickens and it takes them a little longer to mature. Hubby said that the bird will be out of the nest soon. I figured a few more weeks, but later that week, my brother came over to pick up some forgotten items. I went to show him the baby bird and found the nest empty. I dropped to my knees and started moving the brush aside from under the bush. Perhaps he died or fell out. I didn't dawn on me right away that he had matured and flew away. Now, every day, I walk by that empty nest and peek in. Nothing. Just an empty nest. I feel sad that my little bird isn't there anymore. I look up in the trees to see if he's around, but there are so many robins, I can't tell.


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