Sunday, June 05, 2005

Finally back to church! What to do today.

After a month away because of moving and re-enacting weekends, I'm finally going back to church and I NEED IT! It's amazing how much one needs church. So many people convince themselves that going to church or having church isn't needed. It really is.

I thought for a moment that I'd take just one more Sunday off because I don't want to spare the time away from home. However, spending just a few hours at church, worshipping my Savior will build me up again for the week. The Lord will bless me for taking the time out of my life to seek Him and I will get more done this week.

Dear husband got called into work today on an emergency job. Apparently, another tree crew dropped part of a tree on electrical wires and put out a part of the city. The wires are back up, but the rest of the trees have to come down. Hubby is trained for removing trees near power lines.

So, what shall I do while he is gone. Sundays are a day of rest, but I like to putter. I have some small rectangle pieces of wood. I'm thinking of digging out my paints and painting signs for my herbs and plants.

Even though I hate shopping on Sundays because it lets the stores know that they need to be open on Sundays and keep their employees from church, I might stop by JoAnn Fabrics and make some purchases for starting the decorating on the porch.

I'll probably pop by my parents' house and see if they can spare me some clumps of herbs for my garden.

I also need to pick up a newspaper and search for bargains for the week.

But for now, I need to prepare for church.


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