Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thanks, Mom! Autumn Decor....

Thanks to my mother who came over today and kept me company and helped me clean Taigh Beag. Now, I'm pretty much caught up, laundry is being done ahead of schedule, I FINALLY have a clean kitchen and bathroom, and Taigh Beag smells so good! My Mom is such a blessing to me.

Now that I have a clean house, I want to start a schedule so I can keep up on it. Thankfully, my mom's willing to come over every couple of weeks and give me a hand.

I hung up a Winnie the Pooh Autumn flag, and I'm eager to add some pumpkins (not jack-o-lanters) and some other autumn decor.

Hubby's stone wall is drawing neighborhood compliments. A lady I know from the church I used to attend even walked 2 miles just to show the wall to a friend of hers she was walking with! It's going to look so good once I can plant the garden in the middle! I look forward to wintertime seed catalogs!

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