Sunday, September 25, 2005

End of Summer at Taigh Beag

Well, it's officially the end of our first summer here at Taigh Beag. Not only has the season changed on the calendar, but the temperature has dropped significantly and we started winterizing:

1. The pond is drained and the fish are in the tank.
2. Hubby put my bicycle away.
3. The winter wheat is thriving at the farm next door.
4. The air conditioners are being put away today.
5. The windows stay closed and not because the AC's are running. :)
6. I'm wearing a cardigan.
7. Hubby's putting away the lawn items.
8. I'm thinking of making heavy drapes for the picture window.
9. I need to take inventory of the window plastic I already have.
10. There is a gallon of cider in the fridge.

I've resisted the temptation to turn on the furnace. Save a little oil now. It's going to be a cold winter this year! Next year, we're getting an outdoor wood furnace! Hurray!

Hubby just showed me a stick bug! It's the first time I ever saw one!


Brandy said...

I spent 8 years in northern Michigan -- I don't miss those northern winters one bit!

Here in sunny Florida, you'd think it was summer still. AC's still going, you have to wear shorts still. It's niiiiiiice. lol

Diane said...

WOW! I had to laugh reading your post here, no offense ... I just can't even imagine! I'm a native Floridian so I'm used to the weather here ... still in the 90's and A/C blowing COLD!!!! But I would love to live someplace with real seasons; here we don't get the pleasure of seeing leaves change color until December or January, and then it's just a few trees, and of course we NEVER get snow ... except that day back in 1977 but then it melted in your hands.