Saturday, September 24, 2005

Moving Fish....and more

Yesterday, I bought a 55 gallon fish tank with stand. Our peaceful little pond is in need of being put up for the winter time. It's starting to get quite chilly at nights and a frost is just around the corner. Therefore, our 8 fish need a home for the winter time. Praise God for providing for us the money to purchase the fish tank!

Hubby is thrilled with the tank. We have it set up in our dining room. ( I feel like my dining room's an Italian Restaurant now!). It is so soothing and relaxing, although it does take up nearly the whole wall between the living room and master bedroom.

I'm such an animal lover, and I love caring for things that it's not a bother at all to have the fish tank. Besides, it'll be hubby's chore to do the heaving cleaning of the tank!

Today is such a beautiful, brisk early autumn day. Hubby took me 4 wheeling through the woods and I plan on going for a walk after being online. I need to walk, anyway. I'm addicted to White Cheddar Cheez-Its!

I'm also mad at my state. I ordered a start-up packet for starting a small business ages ago and I STILL haven't received it.

Oh, and I've been called for jury duty!

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ello said...

I keep seeing a lot of posts where people mention walking, when I wrote a post about walking as well.

I can imagine your dining room looking restauranty now :)