Friday, September 16, 2005

Housework Therapy/De-cluttering so far

We all need a little therapy, some spa-time, pamper time or me-time. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm actually being encouraged to take lots of me-time. I need it too, because not only am I tired a LOT, but I also suffer from occassional fainting spells and anxiety attacks. Not to worry, they're homone-induced and "normal." Chores not only pile up now, but are harder to do.

The other day, I had laundry that needed to be done. I was suffering from an anxiety attack and feeling really worn. It was a load of whites, so I turned on the hot water in the washer and added a cup full of Arm and Hammer detergent with softener added. It smells so good! I just leaned over the washer and slowly inhaled the steamy, lovely fragrance. (Then I put the dirty laundry in...pew!) Housework Therapy!

De-cluttering hasn't been a successful as I hoped for because I had a pregnant day yesterday and I had to work today. However, I was able to donate a box of stuff to the SPCA's garage sale fund raiser. That made me feel good and I have one box less of junk floating around the house!


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Julie said...

I love your housework therapy! Mine is a sink of clean warm water with dish soap in it. I dont know why I just love it!