Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Spiritual Warfare

No wonder it's called "warfare!" For years, I've been struggling with a certain temptation and sin. For years, I've been praying to be done with it. True repentance. Yesterday, I was faced with the temptation again and fought it tooth and nail. I ended up sleeping or very tired most of the day, and I think this warfare was part of it. I was about to give in, and praise the Lord, He convicted me strongly. So I gave in to the Lord instead. When I came out victorious (as we always do in the Lord), I felt a new sense of strength and wakefulness! No more heavy burden on my shoulders! The funny thing was the fight actually made my muscles sore, as if I was physically fighting it. But, through God I did it!

Today, the temptation is once again there, but I laugh in its face. I overcame it yesterday, I can overcome it today!!


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LYNN said...

I, too, struggle with a particular sin, and find myself physically tired after I am faced with a battle.