Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The future....

Yesterday, I got my first garden catalog in the mail! I've already poured through it several times. This one is mostly for trees and shrubs, particularly fruit trees and flowering shrubs. I want to order a ton of stuff out of it and turn my yard into a fruitful garden. But I have to remember two things:

1. I'm pregnant and will give birth during planting season.
2. Hubby has his own ideas about our yard, especially in some tree removal. He can't remove the trees when I have baby plants all over the place!

Next year should probably be yard clean-up year. There was an old shed in the back corner of our property. It fell down and a good deal of it is still down there. That needs to be taken out. There's a volkswagon chassy down there, too. My brother has to haul that out along with loads of his VW stuff piled on the side of a garage. We don't mind keeping it, but I think next year will be a great year to load it up and haul it out.

I also want to eliminate the Touch-Me-Not plants that grow wild all over our yard. That'll be an uphill battle.

Hubby wants to finish the stone wall he's building up front.

I really want to redo the edging around the pond.

The property line that we share with the grain field next door, I want to mow down, get rid of the partially buried barbed wire, and keep it neat, eventually lining it with lilacs and berry bushes.

Behind the garage is a steep hill of poor soil and full shade. I'd like to fill it with a shade garden, but hubby says when he removes some of the trees, I might be able to use that spot for berry bushes.

I love yard work, except for mowing and raking. Hubby and I usually spend the summer evenings working side-by-side on our yard.

Today, I'm able to go shopping and stock up on foodstuffs. I'm excited! I've been wanting to do this all year and finally I can! I have enough extra money to do just that! Praise the Lord!!

Tomorrow, I start on our 2006 budget and sorting paperwork for taxes. I actually don't mind doing taxes. Call me crazy!

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