Friday, December 30, 2005

I'M HOME!!!!! Who's close-minded?!

I just want to throw out my arms and sing out a note! Maybe even twirl around like Julie Andrews on the hill in Sound of Music. I'm so excited about the new year and new opportunities ahead of me. My prayer is that I will not forget how I longed to come home while working outside the home. I pray I will not become lazy and passive in the home, but be active and happy. I pray that I will find new venues and opportunities for growth and development in the home and that my conversations with hubby will not become stagnant.

I'm so happy to be finally done with work! Especially since my boss was an hour late without warning! Sheesh! She just never showed up until I had worked an extra hour! Oh well, I'm done!!

Now I can REALLY focus on my home and write about that in my blog rather than complaints about work. ;)

It bothers me that I'm immediately pegged as "close-minded" when someone finds out my religious and/or political standpoint. This is odd because I've been called very open-minded by people who don't know my religious and/or political standpoint. Somehow, though because I'm an evangelical born-again Christian right wing conservative I'm "close-minded" or "narrow-minded." Don't these accusers ever think that I have researched many venues. I have looked down many roads. I do try to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. All these venues, roads, researches, and shoes have led me to my current relgious and political status. Or are they just too narrow-minded to think that someone else thinks differently. ;)

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