Thursday, December 22, 2005

Home has new meaning for me

I am convinced that God had to kick me out of the house to get me to realize this. As I approach the end of my employment outside the home, I realize how important my home is, and how joyful I feel when I take care of it. I'm also thankful that God has not provided us with the means to completely fix up the house all at once. I enjoy doing things step by step, one by one. And I look forward to when I can come home to be able to do such things!

I think it really struck me yesterday when I solved a dilemma that's been plaguing my husband and I for months. You see, we don't have a heated mud room, and we have very little closet space. Our coats and hats ended up hanging off the dining room chairs. We both hated that. They're dining room chairs, not closets! I was putting something away in the drawer and I found a cast iron planter hook. Aha!

Right next to the kitchen door is a little alcove between the wall and the fridge. Here I keep a box for recycling papers, a pail for recycling deposit bottles and cans, and the dog's placemat and supper and water dishes are here. But the wall space is unused. So, I found the stud and installed the hook. It's perfect for hubby's coat and chainsaw chaps! Right by the door, easy to get, they'll stay warm, and they'll stay off the dining room chairs! He was so pleased when I showed him, and so proud that I knew to screw the hook into a stud.

Home is where I can create a happy sanctuary for my family. Home is where we're comfy. Home is special and where I belong. I am the mistress of this home and my proud job is to care for it. My creativity and skills are enhanced here at home as I tackle do-it-yourself projects and make my own linens and things. My self-discipline and personal upkeep are enhanced here as well, as I keep up on housework and find time to play with my dog and later, my son.

I have everything I need for my life here at home!

I can take a walk for exercise and social interaction with neighbors.
I can have a small at-home business for financial gain and meeting new people.
I can have a clean house I'm proud of for entertaining and building my hostess skills.
I have time to try new recipes and learn new cooking techniques.
I have gardens to plan and prepare, schedules to maintain, books to keep, orders to fill, demands to meet....and all are fulfilling and work to the betterment of my family.

Bonbons and soaps? Not here! Home means too much to throw it all away in time-wasting. (of course that doesn't mean I don't schedule in some me-time.)


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Candy said...

Amen sister! I came to the same revelation when I was about 8 months pregnant with my first. I quit my job with IBM, and we've been poor ever since, but oh so happy. :-D