Monday, December 12, 2005

Taking Christ out of Christmas

I've got a fight in me! I am very upset at the political correctness that is going too far and manifesting itself as discrimination in sheep's clothing. The minority rules in this country now. The squeeky wheel gets the oil. And the rest of us are quietly complaining in our living rooms rather than standing up and saying and doing something!

This has been going on, not just with Christmas. There's been a mass effort to be rid of Christianity. We just sit idly by and let it happen. We're letting them pick away at our religious freedoms, and one day we'll be scratching our heads as to where it all went. It saddens me that it's taken the attacks on Christmas to get me to stand up and take notice! I'm ashamed of myself, but willing to take a stand now.

Don't think it's really happening? As I hear or read about them, I'm going to be posting how Christianity is being attacked this Christmas season:

First of all, last night I drove more than 20 miles home from my in-law's house. On the way, I only saw one nativity set, but countless Santas, snowmen, snowglobes, bears, penguins, grinches, snoopies, and even a Homer Simpson. But only one nativity set. Even the Catholic Nursing Home I live near had Christmas lights out, but no nativity.

Every where I go, I hear Happy Holidays said with a broken smile of someone hoping they're not offending. Just last year, people all over would wish me "Merry Christmas!"

Christmas trees are now PC'd into being called holiday trees.

Schools and groups are changing lyrics to traditional religious Christmas carols into neutral winter themes.

I read in the paper that Seattle Washington schools had to revoke their December lunch menus because the typist put in "Merry Christmas."

Another Washington school had a wire lighted Christmas tree with paper mittens bearing the names of needy children and a gift wish hanging on it. One, ONE parent complained of the "religious context" behind the tree and the school district bowed down and removed the tree. Since when is a wire tree with mittens bearing good will a religious symbol? If you really wanted to get to the meat of it, Christmas trees are pagan in root, not Christian.

I heard on the Sean Hannity program, a mother called in complaining that her elementary school child couldn't sing Christmas carols that had the word "Christmas" in it, or any other religious connotations. However, they were taught to sing Kwanza songs.

Another caller is a teacher. She said her students also can't have anything to do with the Christian side of Christmas, because of religion needing to be separated from the state. However, the school board approved of students learning about pagan solstice traditions and actually "acting them out."

The New York State Civil Liberties Union states that nativity scenes cannot be placed in the public square because it's "coersion" towards a specific religion. WHAT!?? Ok, I can see if it's a live nativity and Mary and Joseph are aiming weapons at people telling them to repent or die. But a peaceful nativity in a public park coerses people into Christianity unwillingly? You've got to be kidding me! A mennorah doesn't force me to join Judaism.

So what am I going to do about it? I'm going to say "Merry Christmas" every chance I get, and I'm even going to print out a poster for my car that says "Merry Christmas" and has a picture of the nativity. If someone says "Happy Holidays" to me, I'm going to correct them and say, "It's ok to say "merry Christmas" to me."

And yes, I've set up my CHRISTMAS tree!


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Calla Lilly said...

I have over the years "weeded out" Santa from our Christmas decorations, but folks keep giving him back to me! Oy! I have asked my mother-in-law for a nativity set for my yard, but they are hard to find.