Saturday, December 17, 2005

I am SO ready to come home!

Only 5 more days of work, and then I'm done! I'm so excited, and so ready to come home!

I am thoroughly enjoying my pregnancy, but I can enjoy it more at home when I can do things at my own pace. I actually get quite a bit done when I'm home, and even find time to exercise and rest. (I need to lay down mid-day to help ease back pain and diaphragm pressure). Days when I feel strong, I can do heavier work. Days when I feel weak, I can do lighter work.

At work, I have to do whatever the customer or my boss wants me to. I already told my boss that lifting mannequins is out of the question for me. Well, today, I had to lift a mannequin. :( Now, I'm done in for the rest of the day. I also can't lay down when I need to. Working where I do is just not conducive to my particular pregnancy.

I do feel badly for women who have to work during pregnancy, and I feel bad for those who think they have to work. Pregnancy should be enjoyed and homes should be enjoyed. It's like I BELONG home. When I home, everyone's happier and things get done. Even my brother remarked, "wow, your house is clean!" (I was home for 4 days straight). When I work, nothing gets done, dinners are minimal, and I don't feel well. All for a mere $20.00 a day.

I am so ready to come home! And I think hubby is, too.


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Candy said...

Come on home! You have more important things to do now, than go to work. Also, get your rest, because when baby's born you may not get much sleep for the next 20 years or so. ;-)