Friday, December 09, 2005

Got to go skiing!! More stuff...

Ok, so it was just in my backyard and I took it really easy, but I still got to ski! It feels good to be active again! It's amazing how out of shape I got in just 4 months!

This is getting just plain ridiculous! The "PC Christmas" oh, excuse me, the "holiday" season. We're not allowed to say "Christmas" anymore! I'm fed up. It's CHRISTMAS!!! It's bad enough they've secularized Christmas so much to make it more palatable to the general non-religious and quasi-religious public, but now they want to completely remove it! What really gets my goat is that they say we have to be rid of it because it's religious and religion has no place in the public square. However, I see MORE of other religions coming out as the reduction of Christ is being made.

What gets me laughing is that the "proper" term for today is "Happy Holidays" because it's "religiously neutral." However, "holiday" is just a modernized version of the words "Holy Day" which has EVERYTHING to do with religion!

Christmas now celebrates Winter. Easter now celebrates Spring. The only "holy day" left that is free to be celebrated as is in this country is the pagan holiday of Halloween. People say it's ok because it's not about religion anymore. Well, some people still celebrate it as a religious holiday! Just like Christmas is about Santa and good will, but some people still celebrate it as Christ's birth. And Easter is about bunnies and eggs, but some people still celebrate it as Christ's sacrifice and rising from the grave. What's the difference?! The difference is that Halloween is pagan and and Christmas and Easter are Christian. Christianity is the only avenue of discrimination that's allowed (and even encouraged) in the world today.

Don't believe me? Then how come Christmas trees are called "holiday trees" now.


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