Saturday, December 24, 2005

Something to pray about

Hubby has mentioned a few times working at the farm next door. Hubby currently has a good job that he likes and a boss he's friends with. On the weekends, however, he works at the farm and he enjoys it there too. The men on the farm enjoy his company and work ethic so much, they've offered him a job. Both hubby and I have fantasized about his working there. However, it would mean a nearly 50% cut in wages and a loss of his medical, dental, retirement, and life insurance benefits.

So, what's the debate, then? I can hear the "wise" people of the world asking. Financially, he needs to stay at his current job. Even on paper, this seems logical, with a $700.00 a month mortgage, a baby on the way and the need for a new vehicle.

Well, I already did the math and we could probably make it if we cut hubby's allowance (which he volunteered to do) got rid of a vehicle, and cut a few extras in our lives.

But where's the good that comes out of this?

Hubby would be next door. He'd be able to come home for lunch nearly every day. Our children and I would be able to go visit him during the day. Our children would have access to a farm and all the benefits and learning that come with it. We'd enjoy the simpler life. It's lighter work compared to what he's doing now, but I wouldn't really say that it's safer work. It's probably close to the same on the dangerous job chart. When he does work there, he comes home happier. He'd never be shipped out of town for work again.

Right now, hubby has no intention of leaving his current job. But I've decided to pray about it and leave it in God's hands. He knows where hubby should be.



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