Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Project Wednesday

I should be titling my posts as follows:

Housework Monday, Sewing Tuesday, Project Wednesday and Errands/Computer Thursday. Friday and Saturday are left open for what hubby would like me to accomplish. Sundays, of course, are my God and family days.

Today, I got up at 5 am and followed my usual morning routine. At 6am, I skipped exercise because I wanted to make yogurt dough to sit for later, and make yogurt. After that, I showerd, dressed, went on the computer, put canned goods away, tidied the kitchen, set butter to melt for breakfast and got Bubby up.

For breakfast, we had cornbread, fruit and yogurt again. This time, I put butter and maple syrup on the cornbread. Bubby prefered it this way. He's going through a phase now where he refuses milk and yogurt. I've upped his butter and cheese intake to keep his calcium up.

After breakfast, I got Bubby dressed and cleaned up and his teeth brushed. Then we had playtime and I washed the dishes, counters and table.

At 8:30 am, I pulled out chicken and bacon from the freezer to defrost. I looked up recipes for dinner and ended up making up one of my own anyway. I brushed my hair (washed it today and it finally dried enough to brush it), did the finances, paid bills and went through paperwork. Afterwards, I tidied up, and worked on the dining room walls.

Then, I took Bubby for an interval jog/walk workout and then took him into the woods to look for sugar maples I might be able to tap next year. Next, we got the mail.

At 11 am, I started lunch. Bubby was hungry. We had hard boiled eggs, applesauce with coconut, raisins and cinnamon and bread and butter. Bubby had some other fruit, too. Then, I put Bubby down for a nap, finished the tree of life on the dining room wall, worked on the little porch off the kitchen (I used power tools, hooyah!), fixed mistakes on the dining room walls, revamped my master grocery list, tidied the porch, put re-enacting stuff away, wrote out a check I'd forgotten to post, and brainstormed some Christmas gift ideas. Bubby was up at this point, so we had snack time and I made a German potato salad for dinner and prepped some salmon for fish pasties for hubby's lunch tomorrow. Then, I tidied the kitchen and played with Bubby until it was time to make dinner.

Hubby came home before 5pm, but dinner was still cooking until 5:30. We had roasted mixed veggies, the salad and bacon and swiss stuffed chicken breasts. They were SO GOOD! Hubby gave me such praise! After dinner, I gave Bubby a bath and cut his hair. Next, it was cleaning up after dinner and then time to relax until Bubby's bedtime.

Now, I'm online doing some research and typing this out. I'll go through the typical evening routine and go to bed by 9pm.

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