Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August Musings

Despite the heat of the afternoons, the mornings have a crispness that reminds me that autumn, and subsequently winter, is coming. I have this strange urge to stock up and hunker down. Hubby does too, as he comes home from work with loads of wood for our outdoor furnace. I look forward to the apple harvest which will be starting shortly.

Now that I'm working on a Nourishing Traditions lifestyle, my kitchen must reflect that. By that I mean I need to clear off counter space so I have room to work without looking or feeling cluttered. Microwaves are no-nos in Nourishing Traditions, but I don't think hubby would go for disposing of our microwave. I'm not ready to let go, either. I think I'll wait until it breaks down on it's own. Already, half the buttons don't work. I thought of putting it on top of the fridge, but the idea of retrieving hot foods from overhead just doesn't sound safe.

I already put the coffee maker away because I percolate coffee on the stove now. Otherwise, on my counters I have: papertowels, sugar and stevia, a toaster oven, basket of onions, recipe box, scale, recipe books, whey sieve. I went through my cookbooks and my little-used ones I'm not parting with will go up in a cabinet above the fridge. The onion basket will probably be emptied (mostly dried onion skins now anyway) and onions will get an onion bag in a cabinet separate from the potatoes. That should free up enough space.

I'm also on a mission for finding cloth diapers, a non-aluminum coffee percolator, and an affordable Nourishing Traditions book.

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