Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Less-stress prep

There has GOT to be a less-stressful and less involved way to prep for a re-enactment. Every time one comes up, I spend a week prepping and otherwise going insane to make sure everything is ready. Although, I will say I'm doing a bit better this time around. Still, I feel all zany. There's just SO MUCH to remember and plan. 3 people to pack for, 13 to feed, two meals I'm responsible for....

Every event, I seem to get a little more organized. One day, I'd love to just pack the food and go. I think it would be wise that as I clean up from one event, I prepare for the next. Although, I don't know when we'll be re-enacting again this year.

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Anonymous said...

There are five of us re-enacting ( my children are older) and I am of the "campaigner" mentality. Everyone carries their own things, one carpetbag/knapsack per person. If possible, dress out at home and travel dressed, then no bothering with modern clothes/shoes. We eat simply at events. By travelling light , we are able to carry our things out of events where the crowds would make it impossible to get a vehicle in and out anytime shortly after the end of the event.