Monday, August 20, 2007

Joseph Budget, Nourishing Traditions, Day-to-day

Have you ever heard of theJoseph Budget? It's based on the story of Joseph in Genesis when he was appointed Pharoh's right hand man in charge of overseeing Egypt through the famine. Joseph ordered that during the time of plenty, a fifth goes into storage. Therefore, 20% of our income should go into our storehouses (savings). With 10% going to the Lord in tithe, that leaves us with a working budget of 70%. I'm still trying to figure out how to work this budget, but it's one I'd like to attain to. Then, when the car needs repair or a medical bill comes in, we have the money in our savings to pay it rather than relying on those stupid credit cards.

I'm really liking this Nourishing Traditions lifestyle. Hubby's beginning to notice the difference, too. Hubby: doesn't feel like he needs to eat as much anymore to keep his strength up in his heavy labor job. Me: I've lost weight and gained muscle. I don't look flabby or sickly. Even my skin has cleared up and I've been trying to clear it up since I was 12! Donald: Grew 1 3/4 inches in the past 3 weeks! Call it coincidental, but when he got off baby food and onto whatever hubby and I were eating, he literally stopped growing. As soon as I started him on Nourishing Traditions, he immediately went into a growth spurt! Before, he was below the 5th percentile in height. Now, he's at the 5th percentile. I switched him from whole milk to my homemade whole milk yogurt, and now he doesn't have diarreha anymore. I'm liking this!

Later this evening, I'll be posting how my day went as per the suggestion on Candy's website. ( I like doing these because it always spurs me on to do more and budget my time better.

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