Friday, August 31, 2007

Improvements with a purpose

Of course improvements always have a purpose, but the improvements I'm talking about has the semi-sneaky purpose of helping to convince hubby to let us keep some animals.

There's a shed on our property that sits where an old shed used to be. That old shed is a scattered heap around the new shed. It's a semi-shady area in an away part of the yard that would be perfect for critters. I've decided to slowly start cleaning it out in hopes to make it a suitable area for any animal my fancy may desire. I've kicked around the idea of having:

Pheasants (for eggs and meat)
Those chickens that lay pastel colored eggs
Milking goats
Miniature milking cow

My efforts may not yeild the desired results of animal-ownership, but at least that area would be cleaned out and safer for Bubby and the dog.

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