Monday, August 20, 2007

Ladyscott's Chronicles Monday

I've joined Candy at for a chronicle of my week.


I was up at 5 am, a bit bleary-eyed, but that soon passed. I started the coffee perking on the stove and put together hubby's lunch. Then, I spent time with the Lord until the coffee was ready and then I woke hubby up. While hubby got ready for work, I started a few chores, including fixing the bed and dusting.

6 am, I started a new work-out program. It's a belly dance program, but I found that I didn't get the aerobic workout I wanted from it. So, I washed up, dressed and scrubbed the bathroom.

7am, I had computer time until Bubby woke up. Then it was breakfast, get Bubby set for the day, and start my chores: vacuum, shampoo carpet and sofa, dishes, brine pickles, work on dining room wall (painting accents), two loads of laundry, prepping for dinner.

By 10:30 am, I packed up Bubby and we went to renew Nourishing Traditions at the library. Then we went to Lowes and bought a new kitchen faucet, and beadboard and trim for the kitchen's tiny porch. Next, we visited my grandmother to give her a birthday card and a jar of my homemade strawberry jam. Afterwards, we took a not-so-quick trip to Walmart to get paint for the house exterior.

Bubby fell asleep on the way home, and it was 1 pm at this point. He was too tired to eat, but still hungry, so I gave him a bottle of formula to tide him over. He slept well and had a decent lunch when he woke up. In the meantime I: got the mail, painted a sample spot on the back wall of the house (hated the color), washed all the floors, picked through the garden, put out burnables, washed more dishes, tidied up the house, put up green beans, started dinner, called my mom for a chat, and enjoyed Bubby's company.

Hubby came home and he mowed the lawn while dinner simmered. (Chili and corn bread). I put the dry dishes away and then read the paper, picked up weeds out of hubby's way of mowing, and helped Bubby push his Cozy Coupe up from the backyard and into the garage. We had dinner, then it was time for Bubby's bath. Afterwards, he played for a bit while I tidied up after dinner. Then, he went to bed and hubby and I picked out a different shade for the house, and I took clothes off the line and put them in the dryer. It was just too damp for them to dry all the way on the line today.

Now, I'm online. At 8:30, I'll get off and get stuff ready for hubby for tomorrow and get washed up for bed.

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prayzgod said...

Looks like you had a very eventful and fun day! Thank you for sharing your Monday with us.

I must say, your Monday was quite a bit different than mine. :-P But that's what makes this project fun, is seeing everyone's days. :-D