Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hazy, Hot and Humid Saturday

Today was so muggy!

I got up at 6:30 am and got hubby's coffee on and fixed myself breakfast. While eating, I spent some time with the Lord and afterwards browsed through Nourishing Traditions. I have my own copy now. Then, I got washed up and dressed, did dishes, fixed the bed, sent hubby off to work and went online. I started the day off tired, so I figured I'd ease into it.

Bubby woke up at 8:30 and I got him breakfast and tidied up the house while he ate (my house is very small and I can go in every single room and not be too far from view from Bubby in case he chokes). Then, I got him washed up and dressed and set with a Bob the Builder video. He still looked sleepy and worn out and it was already hot. I figured a nice, easy day would be best for him, too. While he watched, I folded and put away laundry, stripped and fixed his crib, and made two batches of laundry detergent. When that was done, Bubby and I walked up to the farm to visit the animals and hubby. We spent a fair amount of time there, just chatting and walking around.

We walked home for lunch with sweetcorn, peppers and tomatoes. For lunch, Bubby and I had leftover penne pasta bake. He went down for a nap afterwards and Mommy cleaned up from lunch and went through the mail. Hubby came home for the day, and we started in on painting the house. I got hubby situated with the paint, supplies and a cooler of gatorade and water. He didn't want lunch. In the meantime, I let the dog out to play, I pulled weeds away from the walls of the house, picked through my garden, and did some scraping. Then, hubby had me do some trim work while he gave up the brush and decided to try his paint sprayer that came with his air compressor. That was a great idea because the job went by so quickly!

Bubby slept for 3 hours, so I spent some playtime with him and set him up with a snack and hubby up with more beverages. Then, we went outside to play a bit and watch hubby's progress. The dog was showing signs of being in the heat too much despite having a pond to jump in and I sprayed her down with the hose, so dog, Bubby and I all went inside to cool down.

I keep getting phone calls from a collection agency that's been in big trouble with the BBB and through private lawsuits for their unscrupulous business, so I researched them more online and reported them to the do not call list. Hopefully, they'll leave me alone because I'm up on all my payments and have no reason for a collection agency, phony or otherwise to call me.

When I was done with that, I started planning for dinner. Hubby wanted to order out so I didn't have to heat the house up. So, I called that in and spent some more precious playtime with Bubby.

Food arrived at 5:20pm. We devoured chicken wing pizza, breaded mushrooms and antipasto salad. After dinner, I cleaned up. Bubby pulled out his "Baby Prodigy" DVD and asked to watch it, so I put it in for him and discarded the pizza box and some junk mail. Our neighbor was over to see how hubby was doing, so I brought Bubby outside to see him. When our neighbor left, I brought Bubby inside for a bath and bedtime. Then, I gave the dog a bath and went outside to help hubby. A storm was approaching, so he asked me to help him clean up and get the paints together and put away. I did so and we made it in before the rain hit.

Once inside, I set hubby up with iced tea and icebox pie and The Quick and the Dead DVD. I sat down to paw through Nourishing Traditions until the storm passed. When it passed, I showered and hopped online. Now, I'm typing the post and will go to bed shortly.

Thus ends the Chronicles of Ladyscott.

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