Saturday, August 25, 2007

The guys have fun, the girls.....

Yesterday, hubby, Bubby and I went to one of his friend's house for a lobster and clam cook-out. I spent the time keeping an eye on Bubby and playing with him and making sure hubby got his food since he was manning the grill. It was just so uncomfortable being a woman there and it had nothing to do with the men. The men were having a great time. They chatted, laughed, joked, teased and discussed at length how to get the lobster water boiling sooner. The women immediately formed cliques with those they knew best and spent the evening eyeing the other women. A few of them actually made an effort to chat with me beyond asking one question that was, "how old is he" about Bubby or remarking how cute he is.

This morning, I told hubby about this. The men were having a grand ol' time and the women just looked at me and would barely say two words. Hubby said that this is because I'm a threat. I'm the new girl in town. Sheesh, it feels like middle school all over again!!

Why should we care who's got a better figure, a prettier face, nicer clothes, handsomer husband or boyfriend, etc? Why am I a threat? The other girls had guys. I have my own loving husband. We weren't competition for a herd of bucks! In fact, the guys didn't even care! They were more interested in the lobster than the other girls!!

Why is it that the guys could kick back, relax and have fun, but the girls had to be so calculated, divided and aloof?

Now, I won't say I'm completely innocent here. I suffer from shyness and I never know what to say to people I have little in common with. I always feel stupid asking small-talk questions. This is something I need to work on. Perhaps next picnic when I see them again. I am open-minded enough to broaden my horizons to hold conversations with people of different interest, cultures and backgrounds. It is going to be a balancing act, though because in my experience, the three major topics of worldly women when they get together are: sex, complaining about the man, and complaining about the children. Despite my open-mindedness and eagerness to learn and discover, I'd rather not hold a conversation about those three topics.

Lighten up, ladies!


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel! It's true about the topics "worldly women" talk about when they get together. And because I'm a Christian, I'd rather not participate in those conversations. We're to stand apart from the world, to be a light that shows Jesus. So next time, be yourself, be pleasant and nice, and if you are not included in their "conversations" and cliques, count yourself blessed!

Pinkology said...

I feel completely the same way and it's why I hardly have any close female friends. They are just too much work!
I'd much prefer to just be one of the guys.