Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ladyscott's Tuesday

For some reason, the volume on my clock radio was turned way down, so I didn't get up until 5:04 this morning. As usual, I started hubby's coffee in the stovetop perk and did my morning devotionals and prayers until it was time for hubby to get up. I woke hubby up and served him his coffee. Then, I fixed the bed and tidied up a little while chatting with hubby. At 5:55, hubby had left for a work with a kiss from me and I exercised while watching the news, then showered, rinsed out the tub, dressed and had computer time until Bubby woke up.

7:20 am, Bubby and I had breakfast. Bubby had cornbread and molasses, which he promptly fed to the dog (he liked it last night!) fruit and yogurt. I had cornbread and maple syrup and yogurt with natural apple butter. Yum! Then, I vacuumed, got Bubby dressed, woped down the counters and table, did dishes and washed the sink.

8:30 am, chores continue as I decide to wash the dog's bedding and any other darks that would fit in the machine. I put dried laundry away and brought up canning jars from the basement pantry. Then, while Bubby played in the living room, I lint shaved the sofa, clipped my toenails, washed the floor in Bubby's room and washed the kitchen floor.

Bubby helped me put the mail in the mailbox. Next, I watered the mum, put Bubby's room back together and prepped for dinner.

After that, while juggling feeding a hungry Bubby, I canned salsa and pickles, put the wet clothes in the dryer, had lunch, cleaned up the baby and put him down for a nap, cleaned the kitchen, tidied the house, got the mail, painted a sample on the house exterior, worked on a sewing project, boiled eggs, and put the dried clothes and dog bedding away.

At 1:35 pm, I had a little computer time until Bubby woke up at quarter after 2. We had playtime, then went for a walk, watered the garden, did some yardwork, had a snack, tidied up, put canning stuff away, started dinner, made cookies, and started working on Christmas gift ideas.

A little after 5pm hubby came home and we had dinner. I started hubby's shower for him (he had a rough day at work) and we chatted while he showed and Bubby played. Then, I cleaned up after dinner, read the paper and got Bubby changed for bedtime. Bubby started getting into mischief, so he and I went into his bedroom to play. I started reading a book to him and he went into hysterics, so parenting ensued. By 7pm, he was calmed down and I was able to snuggle with hubby and finish the catalog browsing for Christmas gift ideas.

Now, I'm on the computer. Soon, I'll get off and get stuff ready for tomorrow and get myself ready for bed.

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