Friday, August 24, 2007

Frantic Friday

I'm typing my Chronicle early because I'm using my computer time to unwind a little. Besides, it's hot today, so I want to do some of the work on the house in the evening when it's cooler and Bubby's to bed.

I got up at 6:30 am and set hubby's coffee to perk and took a shower and dressed. After my shower, I had breakfast and spent some time with the Lord and then put my dining room back together after finishing the walls last night and started laundry. Then, I got Bubby out of his crib for breakfast and hubby and I had a chat about the house. I asked him about a hutch for the kitchen and he agreed that I should get the one I saw on craigslist.

After Bubby ate and hubby left for work, I let Bubby watch his Firetruck video and I scrambled around the house to get the bed fixed, a phone number off the internet for the hutch (and a newspaper peek and few peeks at some blogs and e-mails), get laundry hung up, wash dishes and call the lady about the hutch. Then, Bubby set to playing and I set to tidying. Soon, the lady called me and I told her I'd be there before noon.

A quick stuffing of stuff in the diaper bag and I grabbed the baby and the map and cell phone and headed to the farm next door where hubby was working and he joyfully babysat our son while I took a 45 minute drive out to the hutch. Ok, it was really an hour because I got lost twice. But the hutch was lovely and a good price, so I bought it and hauled it home. By this time, it was noon, so I fed Bubby and grabbed lunch for myself and put him down for a nap.

After his nap, I hauled the hutch inside and set it up. Then, I set to work drilling holes in one drawer and out the back to wire it for a cell phone and iPod docking station. Well, I can't find the adapters I need for the drill, so after wasting an hour searching, I gave up and came online to relax a little. I was starting get upset at every little thing.

The rest of today will be general house upkeep and redoing. I'm thinking leftovers for tonight's dinner.

I'll probably hit the sack around my usual 9pm.

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Tiany said...

Its been fun reading through your days! Thanks for sharing!!!