Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nourishing Traditions Diet Month

August is the month I'm trying the Nourishing Traditions Diet. I have organic whole plain yogurt to make whey and cream cheese with. I found coconut oil to cook with. The only thing I can't find is organic milk that's non-ultra pasturized and non homogenized. Not even goat's milk. Raw milk is virtually impossible to get in NY State. One family even had their children taken away from them because they fed them raw milk (which is just stupid because what farm kid hasn't had raw milk and what Amish family doesn't drink it?).

I found rapadura-type sweetener and stevia. I cannot find adequate bread, though. I'll have to make bread for Bubby, but hubby doesn't like my homemade bread. It's too dense for his taste. He's a wonder-bread kind of guy, so I'll buy him wheat bread and pitas.

I have been using NT techniques for nearly 2 weeks now and I haven't blow up into a fat blob. In fact, I'm more toned and muscular (but not lumpy-muscular). I feel better, too.

The big test is to see if hubby loses weight. Not that he really needs to. He's sexy. ;)

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prayzgod said...

I LOVE Nourishing Traditions. I stick to it as closely as I can. As for milk, I just had to settle for homogonized, pasturized whole milk, but I don't get ultra-pasturized. Store milk still makes great yogurt, BTW. ;-)

I also don't have or make cream friache (spelling???) I just use buttermilk, homemade yogurt, or homemade cream cheese. :-D