Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My New Hutch

Here's a picture of my new hutch in my kitchen. Just please ignore the bag on top of the hutch. It contains a can of spray paint and hubby put it up there, so I don't dare move it. :b The purple folder on top of the hutch contains recipes I cut from magazines that I'm gluing onto stiff paper and organizing into one of the binders on the top shelf. The top shelf contains my recipe binder, my home management binder and a box of recipe cards that I might reorganize into one of the little drawers on the bottom of the hutch.

The second shelf holds tea...well...mostly herbal infusions.

The drawer on the left has a hole drilled in the back of it and out the back of the hutch. It's wired so hubby's iPod and cell phone can be charged. The second drawer contains other adapters for things that need recharging. The third drawer is currently empty as are the other two drawers towards the bottom.
I keep the bottom shelf empty so I can work on it, or lay out my HMB. The two cabinets hold my most often used cookbooks.
From the kitchen, you're peaking into the dining room where you can see my hand-painted tree of life. The fish tank is empty because the fish are living in the pond outside until sometime in September. Then they'll be back inside.


Mrs.Garcia said...

I love your new hutch. Wow it looks so nice and it is also very pretty with the stenciling on it as well.
I also love your tree of life on your dining room wall.
God Bless,

Bethgem said...

Your home looks very calming.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Agreeing with a previous poster, your home does look very calm, peaceful and inviting!