Friday, August 03, 2007

Groceries and Nourishing Traditions

My grocery bill was a bit steep this month, but I had a lot of expensive stocking up and starting up to do. After all, coconut oil alone was $7.19! Yogurt is well over $3.00.

I found out that I don't digest whole pasteurized homogenized milk very well. Weird, because I can digest skim milk just fine. However, I think it might be where I get the milk. The milk from local farms doesn't seem to bother me as badly as milk from Aldi. So, I'm going to lay off of it for a while and try some other stuff, including evaporated goats milk that's reconstituted and almond milk.

My search for milks and creams that aren't ultra-pasteurized has come up quite short. I did find a heavy cream at a local gas station that's just regular pasteurized and it didn't say that it was homogenized, although it probably is. I have one more local resource, and then it's off to the Amish or the co-op.

I also discovered that white flour may have contributed to my impacted wisdom teeth that I had removed. It may also have contributed to a family member's scoliosis.

Today, I made my own cream cheese and boy is it delicious! I got a quart of Stonyfield Whole Milk Plain Yogurt and put half the quart into a dishtowel lined seive and let the whey drain out. I placed the whey in a sterilized glass mason jar and the cream cheese is in a clean plastic tub. I'm going to use the cream cheese to make my dad's salmon spread recipe that's just to die for.

Thanks to Candy for reassuring me about the milk thing in my last post. I wish there was a Nourishing Traditions discussion board now or something.

Also, I hope Stephanie invites me on her blog because I want her preggy shake recipe!

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