Sunday, August 26, 2007

Having Fun with DIY

I'm really having fun with this DIY house make-over! Now that hubby and I have started, we don't want to stop! Today, he mentioned the kitchen!

I'm happy just to have a new hutch in the kitchen that actually helped me organize and declutter the house even more!

Now, our house is a totally different color than it was before! Hubby's hard work really paid off. It looks so much nicer.

Other visions we have include an armoire for the bedroom, and I'd like floor to ceiling bookcases in the living room, but I'd settle for taller, narrower bookcases.

I'm also looking into building a root cellar on our property. Behind the garage is a steep slope that could easily be built up into a root cellar, but I'd have to look into the logistics and science behind it. It might not stay cool enough right there, although it's greatly shaded.

Our neighbor volunteered to help me expand, till and manure my garden this fall. Oh, the excitement!!! Yes, stuff like this excites me.

I like getting the house buttoned up for winter. Speaking of which, it dawned on me that it'll probably be smart to do a thorough cleaning of the house top to bottom before shutting ourselves up in it. It would be nicer to be buttoned up in a house that's not dusty and buggy and mildewy from the humid summer.

Oh, so much to do, but I'm enjoying being busy!


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