Thursday, August 23, 2007

Errand/Computer Thursday

Thursday is the day I try to set aside for my major errands and computer time.

5 am, I woke up as usual and started the day as usual. At 6 am, I hopped online to work on my business and get some other stuff done online. Then, I popped off the computer and started some housework. Bubby woke up and we had breakfast of fried eggs, bread and butter and homemade yogurt with dried dates mixed in. Yum! Then I got Bubby cleaned up and dressed and we left to start our errands:

Lowes: paint chips

Big Lots: floor tiles and green tea bags

Home Depot: paint chips (actually bought paint)

Walmart: return paint

Bank: cash checks, withdraw money

Parents' house: discuss Christmas gifts with my mom

Convenient store: milk and bread

When we got home, I got the mail, made lunch (salmon pasties, applesauce with raisins and cinnamon), put Bubby down for a nap, tidied up and did dishes, painted a sample swatch on the house, and hopped back online to look into expanding a different home business and digest lunch before I hit the dance floor (exercise).

BUT...I decided not to just do exercise. Sometimes, I feel exercise is a waste of time when I have very active chores to do. If it's sit-down stuff, like sewing, then I don't view exercise as a waste of time, but as a needed thing to get my blood flowing. So, I got to work on the little kitchen porch hammering up beadboard, and doing some demolition and clean up. I also painted a second coat of the sample swatch. When I finished this, Bubby was awake, so we all went outside for some fresh air. Bubby played and terrorized my tomato plants. He loves cherry tomatoes and doesn't care if they are green or red. I'm trying to teach him red ones only. I won't let him eat the green ones. My garden gave me half a peck of different veggies today. The cukes and zucchini are really slowing down.

Afterwards, we went inside and washed up. I started cooking some mixed veggies for Bubby's snack and popped in a CD to dance to. I made it through one song and Bubby was asking to watch a show. He hadn't watched anything all day, so I popped in The Tigger Movie for him. This gave me a great chance to start working on dinner. Good thing, too because Hubby came home early.

After dinner of zucchini stroganoff, I cleaned up, read the paper and took Bubby back to Home Depot. Hubby liked the paint swatch, so I bought 5 gallons and some other supplies, including a 5 gallon pail with a lid for my homemade laundry detergent. When Bubby and I got home, soaking wet because of a rainstorm, we relaxed before sending Bubby to bed. Then, I got to work clearing off and moving the dining room hutch to FINALLY finish the accents on our dining room walls. The painting is done. Now, I just have to erase the pencil marks. That'll be a tomorrow job. I'm too done in for tonight. I'll finish my evening online and go to bed.

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