Monday, August 06, 2007

Blessings from the farm

I just got back from going to that farm. I took my mom with me and we had such a fun little time driving out to the farm. I spent a grand total of $14.95 and got:

Bushel of broccoli
Bushel of red potatoes
3 cabbages
6oz dill seed
4 oz pickling spice
3 oz mustard seed
2 oz. celery seed
1.9 oz. tumeric

Not bad!

My mom picked up 3 cabbages. We're going back in a few weeks to get more potatoes! I'm going to be checking out some other farms, too. It's nice to support local farmers, get something organic and locally grown, and save money!

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Tumbleweeds said...

WOW, THANK YOU for supporting your local farmer, I dont think people realize the heartache the lil farmers have in comparison to corporate America Farmers