Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who Was More Christ-Like

It was below zero. The wind was whipping and snow falling and a young lady had accidentally locked her keys in her car. She had to wait for her rescue in the dangerously frigid temperatures in a public parking lot.

Meanwhile, a family piles into their car. The father and son were well dressed. The mother and daughters were wearing long denim skirts and had their long hair neatly pulled back. They didn't smile much and avoided eye contact. The father kept glancing at the young lady and eventually maneouvered the car over to her. He gave the young lady a half-smile and asked if she locked her keys in the car. She embarrassingly confirmed that she did and that she was freezing, but that her father in law was coming to rescue her in about 15 minutes. He then hands her a "Chick Tract." She politely refuses saying that she's in fact a born again Christian. He didn't seem impressed or happy (perhaps it was her denim jeans) and re-issued the tract and told her it'll give her something to read while she waits. He drives away without another word. The wife never looked at the young lady and appeared angry.

Shivering until her bones rattled, the young lady stands mystified at these professing Christians...these brothers and sisters in Christ. Soon another vehicle pulls up. It was a middle-aged man and his wife, typical American with a hint of redneck. Probably Christmas and Easter church-goers. They had just witnessed what went on between the young lady and the man and his family. He couldn't believe they just took off like that. Both husband and wife gave the young lady full eye contact and were quite concerned for her well-being. They offered her the cell phone. She explained that she had already made a call. They offered to run across the busy highway to buy her a hot chocolate to keep her warm. She had to politely refuse because she can't drink caffinated beverages. They suggested she wait in the store until her ride came. She assured them the ride would be there any minute. They made sure she was ok and that there was nothing they could do for her before they reluctantly drove away.

Who was more Christ-like?

The story above is true. The young lady was me. It was once told to me that Christians are hypocrates because you'll find more Christ-like behavior among non-Christians. I have to say that in my experience, this is true! Frighteningly true! It certainly has me thinking about how I behave towards my fellow human being.

I think that if I wasn't saved, it wouldn't have been the family with the Chick Tract that witnessed Christ's love to me. It would have been the husband and wife who went out of their way to make sure I was ok and had all I needed before they drove away.

I think sometimes as Christians we jump at a witnessing opportunity and forget that we should be witnessing continually in what we do and help our fellow man. Actions speak louder than words and often actions are the bigger witness than any words we may speak. A Christian isn't a Christian by what he says. It's about what he does.


kitkat said...

Wow! All that I can say is: my thoughts exactly. You hit the nail right on the head. Great job! Amen.

Anonymous said...

Why were you standing in the cold? You should have told your rescuers that you would meet them in the store. I know young girls don't always think of things like that when they are in a jam. But perhaps the first couple thought that you were going to go inside. They did stop. Most people would have ignored you. That happened to me one time with a flat tire. I tried forever to get the tire off, but the bolts were to hard to turn. My husband was out of town so I was on my own. Ugh! It was scary, but finally a man stopped and helped me. He wasn't very friendly and he acted very annoyed but he changed my tire for me. I think maybe God moved on his heart and he reluctantly did the right thing. As he finished he said. I had to help you, I kept thinking "What if this was my wife?" God's good, even if people aren't always!