Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Diet, Earning $, Organization

I'm really liking this Nourishing Traditions book and diet. Whenever I mention diet to hubby, it's kind of a prompt word for him to not like what I'm going to say. This time around, as I read off the recipes and the marginal information, he's interested. Especially since it reiterates what he's believed all along about nutrition and diets, save one thing....he's still gotta eat more veggies! Don't we all! I've started working on the suggestions, but it's the end of the month and groceries aren't bought until the first week of the month. August is my trial and error month for this. If I feel and see improvements in hubby and I, then I'm going to alter our nutritional lifestyle to it. If it just makes us fat and sluggish (like some naysayers in my circle believe), then I'll quit it. Of course, if I get pregnant in the meantime, it's going to be hard to stick to any kind of nutrition when I'm nauseated.

My first customer for my new business called yesterday! I'm so excited, and VERY nervous. I'm so afraid this is all wrong and just going to bite me in the backside. He thought it was a great idea and so has a couple other people. It just has to take off, that all. I just want to make a little extra money so I can pay off that stinkin' credit card. My goal is to make $30.00 a week.

I had to hit Walmart today because hubby needed a new pair of jeans to replace the pair that had a blow-out. Thankfully, he has funds set aside for stuff like that. I had a few bucks left over from my pressure canner purchase (garage sale earnings), so I bought some stiff paper (like oaktag), a binder and some pretty dividers so I can FINALLY organize my chaotic clipped out recipes. I'm excited about that, too. I'm going to make a cover for the binder, too. I'll post it when I finally get around to making it.

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