Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Porch and Responsible Behavior

Well, I made up my porch today and it didn't cost me one red cent! I found some boards in the shed and some screws in the drawer and put them together. (I used power tools!) This made the top of the window seat. For the "legs," I solved a storage problem and made this window seat! Supporting the top of the seat are 3 sturdy plastic tubs that hold my clothing. One is Maternity clothes. One is early maternity/post partum clothes and the other holds my winter clothes. Now they're not taking up way too much space in what few closet spaces I have.
To cushion the body at rest, I had foam cusions that were on the rope bed that once took up almost all the space in the porch. Those fit in just fine. Then, I used a down comforter folded in half and placed that on top. Because hubby is of Scottish decent, we're constantly being given tartan wool and fleece blankets, so that's what I threw on top.
To mask the boxes and the magazine storage under the bed (I have quite the magazine collection) I dug through my fabric boxes in the basement and found one of hubby's old kilts that was depleated. That made a great bed skirt!
Now, hubby and I have a perfect place to relax and nap and read! Bubby has a sweet little spot to play in. (He loves it out there!)
I can't wait to show hubby.
My second thought for today's post has to do with responsible GODLY behavior for parents of very young children. I got to thinking that as Christians, we get our peace, love and joy from the Lord. Babies and toddlers and young children don't know the Lord yet. They need to get their peace, love and joy from us! WOAH! I am responsible for my son's peace, love and joy!
So that got me thinking how I, as a Christian mom can do that for my son. Pray, of course, but also take action.
Take action to create a peaceful environment. I can't do that with violent, erratic TV, loud music, messes and an angry disposition. I need to create a peaceful home and a peaceful countenance and attitude. When I do just that, my son calms right down.
Don't believe me? Have you ever let your child watch a loud, commercial-filled action-packed TV cartoon only to have him shouting and bouncing off the sofa? Have you ever tried to stop your infant from crying only to yell at her or tell her sternly to be quiet only to have her cry more? BINGO!
Take action to create a loving environment. I can't do that with scoffs and dismissals and "not now, I'm busy." I need to hug, kiss, enjoy and spend time with my son. When I do this, he is so loving back and listens and minds his behavior better.
Take action to create a joyful environment. I can't do that when I lose my temper, stomp around the house, and spread my stress from corner to corner or keep things bleak. I need to smile, dance, laugh, tickle and be tickled, praise, sing and most importantly WORSHIP MY LOVING SAVIOR! When I do this, my son is happy. My joy rubs off on him. And his joy rubs back off on me! Baby smiles are so infectious!
When I do these things to portray the gifts my loving Savior has given to me, I help my children grow and learn and understand these gifts when it comes time from them to accept Christ into their lives and receive these gifts straight from Him.
What a responsibility to have!

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