Saturday, July 28, 2007

Porch Re-do

Hubby likes the window seat idea for our enclosed porch. Above is a rough idea of what I might do for it. The window seat is the big dark red rectangle. I'd like a window seat wide enough to comfortably curl up with Bubby or a nursing infant. Under the seat will be storage for my magazine collections. I have a rather large amount of Victoria, Country Living, Cottage Living, Colonial Homes, and Reiman Publication magazines.
The pink rectangle will be a long, narrow toybox for Bubby. The porch doubles as a great playroom.
The orange square is a small gaming table hubby and I have. The blue rectangle next to it is Bubby's little chair. The table and chair together are perfect for his small size.
The green circle is for my milk cans that hold seed for my winter bird friends.
I might put my rocking chair out there. Right now it's in the master bedroom and doesn't quite fit in right.
When God blesses us with another child, the porch is going to turn into the crying room. I'm the one who gets up for Bubby 99% of the time because hubby truly needs as much sleep as he can get. His job is so physically demanding and dangerous, a tired husband could mean a dead one. However, a screaming baby can keep the whole house up...not just mommy. So, the porch is a perfect spot to soothe a sobbing infant. I intend to make it a haven for my little family.
Thankfully, my father eagerly volunteered to build the window seat for hubby and I.

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