Friday, July 06, 2007

How Ladyscott Gets Her Groove Back

Schedules don't work in the home. They work at work and in schools, but at home, they fly right out the window. As soon as things are running on schedule, a holiday happens, or an unexpected errands the unexpectedly takes three times as long as expect happens, or hubby unexpectedly shows up early from work, or your child unexpectedly gets the stomach bug, or an unexpected repair has to happen, etc. It goes on and on. For me, it's been nearly a month of one thing after another. Some expected, some not at all. Now that medical stuff is over with, the holiday is passed and I'm not heading for a re-enactment for a while, I look forward to getting my groove back....that is settling into a more predictable routine. I've found the semi-flexible routines work. Schedules don't.

The first thing I do to make sure I'm back in my groove is start my day right. I wake up ON TIME and get my time with the Lord in and exercise done. These two things really set the table for the rest of the day. I'm spiritually and physically capable to handle the day after this and thus emotionally ready to take on just about anything. I also make sure I dedicate time in the morning to cleaning and/or tidying the house. It's nice to work on projects without tripping over messes and clutter. It's nice to return to a clean house from exhausting errands.

Also, with keeping in the groove, I've learned to stop making so many trips. Not only does it eat my gas budget, but it wastes time. I live in the country, so it takes a little while to get anywhere. The closest I can go get milk and bread is 6 miles away (4 if I take a dangerous shortcut on an seasonal road). Little hopping trips that I don't NEED to take are eliminated. It is amazing how much more smoothly a day goes when it isn't broken up by errands.

I have to set times to be online, otherwise, I'll be on all day!! I can go online after I spend time with the Lord, exercise, shower and dress and get my early morning chores done. If my son isn't awake yet, then I pop online. This also goes for his naps. When my chores are done and if he's still napping, I can go online.

It seems for every half an hour online, an hour in the day is wasted.

Now, it is also beneficial to recognize realities. For instance, this is the time of year I put up a lot of produce. I'll be doing this until October. Thus, I need to understand that I'll have a day or two a week when I have to do this. Other projects, and perhaps even some housecleaning are put to the wayside for the time-being. I also have a garage sale coming up next weekend. I am planning for that so I don't lose my groove.

Here is a rough-rough draft of my routine or "groove:"

Sunday: REST REST REST REST REST and perhaps a pet-project that's relaxing

Monday: Laundry, house cleaning
Tuesday: Project day
Wednesday: Project day
Thursday: Errand day
Friday: Laundry, house cleaning
Saturday: Errand, project or visiting day or whatever hubby has lined up

Projects for me include: major gardening (not just weeding I might fit in for 1/2 an hour before bedtime), canning, sewing, a house repair or redecorating project, or something else hubby might have lined up.

Also, there are every-day chores and activities that need to be done like vacuuming, playtime with my son, dishwashing, dinner making, etc. But for me, those just happen as the day unfolds. I just do them. It's the bigger things that require more prep and planning that I really need to fit in my groove.

Ok, hopefully this post wasn't too rambling....

Today, I did manage to fit in canning 3 pints of brandied peaches, 2 pints of cherries, and a pint of plain peaches. Not much because such produce is expensive where I live, so I can only buy a little at a time, even when it's on sale.

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