Monday, July 23, 2007


Well, today was all off routine because I had to get my brakes, roaters and tires done. I did manage to stop by the library and pick up a copy of Nourishing Traditions. Candy, at follows it and has blogged about it. I like what it says because it hits on something I've always instinctively felt about foods. Also, it's a diet that I believe will benefit my hard-working, manual labor hubby. So, I am considering trying out this diet.

I'm also considering two of the at-home business ideas that I have. The problem is that they are web-based and where I live I can't get DSL yet. Road Runner is WAY out of my price range, so I suffer with dial-up and I can't work on complicated websites from my home computer. I'm going to leave it in prayer. For now, something is holding me back.

I'm also considering other ways to save money. Then again, I'm always considering ways to save money, make money, etc.

I'm considering trying to cloth diaper my son when we're at home. He doesn't go to the bathroom as much as he did when he was on a highly liquid diet. It might actually work to cloth diaper him. My goal is for one big box of diapers to last me 2 months. My other goal is for one big box of wipes to last 2 months.

I'm also considering taking him off formula (he has a bottle just before bed) and trying out rice milk and almond milk. Cows milk is what he has during the day. I might try goats milk, though, too. I can get raw goats milk just down the road from me, but I'll start with the store stuff first. If none of it works, he's old enough now to be just on cows milk. Cows milk doesn't have all the vitamins and minerals I'm looking for, though.

Well, considering the time, I best be off.

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