Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Take it easy.... Sweet Rest by Daeni Pino

Today, I think I'll take it easy. I've been enjoying a go-go-go lifestyle lately of getting things done and organized. However, it's been harder and harder to get up in the morning and Bubby. It's a rainy day, so Bubby and I can't go outside. This'll be a perfect opportunity for me to relax and play with him.

Still, there are chores to do, but I don't have much on my list. Mending is the major project for today and I did half of it yesterday! I also have to go through the finances, prepare for tomorrow's errand day and I'd like to tidy up the master bedroom now that it's empty of boxes of stuff I put out for the garage sale.
As I've been reading God's Word, I'm coming to understand Him more and what His plans are and desire are for us. I'd love to blog about them, but I can't seem to get them into words. It's like this inner understanding that I can reckon, but can't express. Perhaps that's His way of holding me back until I'm ready to minister it or until He wants me to minister it. I'll keep it in prayer. At the same time, I don't want to hold back any ministry.
Speaking of ministry.....I grew up in a church that always emphasized that a Christian needs a ministry and it's not a ministry until you're doing something for the church. Needless to say, they broke a lot of hearts and made many people angry. Still, there is this emphasis in the AG church to have a ministry. Thankfully, my church recognizes that ministries don't have to particularly be big and boastful. Still, I have that "I need a ministry" in the back of my mind. I almost feel like it's wrong to spend time weeding my garden, or making sure my house is tidy, or getting all my chores done in a timely manner, or staying home in the evenings. I almost feel I should be using my time to be out winning souls. Then I remember, I DO have a ministry. My ministry is right here in my home. I have a husband who needs me here and a child who needs Christian rearing. God's work is in the work of the home. God's work is in weeding my garden and caring for my family. I have two souls at home that need Christ. I have two other souls in my extended family who I see often who need Christ. I have a slew of friends who need witnessing and I'm the one to do it. So I'm not out in a nursing home, or at a soup kitchen. That's not where God has me. God has me at this point in my life at home where I belong and I should not be worried about it.
God needs me home, studying His Word, praying and growing as a Christian so I can be a witness to those around me who need Christ. I don't have to "go to a ministry." God sent one to me.
Still, I am looking into charitable efforts I can do from home, like the Linus Project.

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Kathy F. said...

Amen, Kate! You could not have stated that any better! I just don't understand why the local church thinks that a housewife is not busy enough, and that she must "have a ministry". As you said, God put us in our homes, and THAT is our ministry. We are raising the next generation for the LORD, and if that's not a huge ministry, then I don't know what is. Thanks for posting about this subject!