Saturday, July 14, 2007

Garage Sale Success and feeling a little guilty

My garage sale was a success! Well....sort of. I made enough money to purchase a pressure canner from Walmart, but I still have a lot of junk left. I'm debating whether to have another sale at another location or just give it to a charity thrift shop.

In a totally unrelated subject, do you ever read someone else's blog or a ministry website or even get a comment to something you've posted that challenges what you say or do? Do you feel a little guilty, confused or like you could be doing things better? Do you stress that perhaps you should work harder to do things differently? I admit that sometimes I do. Then I realize that unless I feel a leading from the Lord or a nudge from my husband, then I should just stop stressing. And if I do feel that leading or nudge, I shouldn't stress, I should just do it in faith.

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Bethgem said...

I made thirty dollars at my first yard sale. I learned a lot, though. I'm saving stuff now for my next one. I'm amazed how much "stuff" we have to get rid of, even though we're careful what we buy and try to use what we have.