Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Special Trip

I got my errands done in the morning and stopped by my parents' house to drop of garage sale stuff and let my son nap. He didn't nap very long and was ready to go. Last minute, I decided to take him to the local zoo. We had a blast!! We both loved the gray wolf and Bubby really enjoyed the pygmy goats. My other favorites were the bear cubs and the white fallow deer buck in full velvet. Bubby liked the giraffes, too, but it was definately the wolf and the goats that made him laugh and squeal.

The wolf was something special. I have a soft spot in my heart for wolves. In fact, I looked into adopting a wolf hybrid at one point. Where I live, I'd have to put up a special kennel for them and get special insurance. I told hubby that if God decided to make me infertile, that I'd either adopt a wolf hybrid or open a rescue for bully breed dogs (pit bulls, AmStaffs, Staffies, Bull Terriers, Bull dogs, etc). Thankfully, I have my son, so my focus and love is on him and hopefully future children. In the meantime, we all enjoy our one and only AmStaff.

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