Monday, July 16, 2007

Benefits of Exercise and Trash Removal Willem Haenraets

Exercise has been something I've avoided most of my life. I was an active child, participated in gym class in school, played volleyball for a few years, and managed to stay thin most of my life, but regular exercise was something I just didn't always do. Now, I pretty much have to due to getting older and trying to keep my inner ear inflamation at bay so I don't end up in bed all day with a dizzy spell.

Now that I've been exercising more regularly, I feel stronger. I look stronger. I'm more toned. My clothes fit better. I feel like I breathe better. I don't feel stiff and achy. I sleep better. I even feel like I digest food better. My skin looks younger. My eyes look brighter. I feel more focused and organized throughout the day. I feel better about myself. I feel like I can keep up with things and my son more. I feel like I can take on stressful situations more easily. Exercise is wonderful! And this is all with just an active day and 15 minutes of aerobics early in the morning.

Today's Daily Bread reading was titled Taking Out the Trash. So, I've decided to apply that to today both figuratively and literally. I'm literally going to go through stuff to get rid of and throw away (tomorrow's garbage and recycling day so this is very timely) and I'm going to spend the day in reflection of my heart and lay my "garbage" at the cross for the Lord to forgive and take away.

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