Monday, July 09, 2007

Booked for practically the rest of the month!

Today: House cleaning, laundry, put up plums, work on organizing and cleaning the basement.

Tuesday: Sewing day with my sister!

Wednesday: Going through everything I can think of in prep for the garage sale.

Thursday: Errands, make signs for garage sale, laundry, gardening

Friday: Garage sale!

Saturday: Garage sale!

Sunday: Church, visit In-laws!

Monday: Clean house, laundry

Tuesday: Sewing day with sister!

Wednesday: I'm going to attempt to make a window seat in the front porch.

Thursday: Errands, gardening

Friday: Laundry, sewing

Saturday: Open for whatever hubby wants to do

Sunday: Church!

Monday: House cleaning, laundry

Tuesday: Sewing day with sister!

Wednesday: Re-organization and tidying

Thursday: errands, gardening

Friday: house cleaning, laundry, sewing

Saturday: Re-enactment

Sunday: Church or re-enactment

Monday: Clean house, laundry, etc

Tuesday: Work on mud porch

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