Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just Random Stuff

Just before bedtime yesterday I discovered my dog peed on hubby's side of the bed. Thankfully, it didn't get to the mattress, but everything else had to come off, including a brand new set of sheets. Thank God it's another beautiful day today so I can launder them and hang them out to dry. My solution is, I'm going to put up a baby gate. The dog and the baby seem to think they have free range in the master bedroom. Both often go in there to play and get into things they shouldn't. I'd shut the door, but I enjoy the light the pours into the bedroom and it's the only room in the house that has windows capable of holding an air conditioner.

It's going to be nice to check off "pressure canner" on the list of things I'd like to get for the house. Dehumidifier is another one as well as a hutch or sideboard for the kitchen. I saw this neat organizational thing where you drill a hole in the back of a drawer in a desk or sideboard and wire a surge protected power strip into the drawer. The drawer is then turned into a "refueling station" for things like cell phones, iPods, etc. I'm rather frustrated with juggling cords and balancing the phone and iPod on the little hutch I have in the kitchen currently. I'd move stuff, but that's where hubby chose to "refuel" and I dare not move anything. I'm looking at www.countrydoor.com for something to purchase that'll work. My kitchen is narrow, so I have to get something that's no more than 13" deep.

The wood is starting to pile up for our outdoor furnance. My harvest has begun. The last of the spinach and turnips are coming in as the start of roma and cherry tomatoes and green sweet peppers. Cukes and summer squash will begin in a couple of weeks. Beans are going to be really late this year since I didn't get them in until really late.

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Anna said...

Kate, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and reading about your little day to day things. You make me nostalgic for my days in a little pink cottage with one baby boy!