Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Garden, Picnic, Diapers

I harvested four turnips and a bunch of spinach from my garden today. Oh, and some black raspberries! I also have some tiny green peppers growing and plenty of green tomatoes.

Today is a family picnic for the Fourth of July. I've been asked to make a green salad, but I cheated and bought greens from the store. I just don't think I have enough of my own for a large salad. However, I did make my own dressing out of olive oil, vinegar, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and herbs from my garden (chives, oregano, basil and thyme).

I'm considering starting a small series on a quick and easy herb garden. I have the titles already imagined up. It's kinda corny, but cute.

Anyhow, in my effort to be quite healthy and strong, I've decided not to sit on my tush during the picnic. I'll get involved in lawn games and chase my son around, instead. Hubby's going to be late. He's out doing hay for the farm next door. Rain is coming.

Candy at has been generously given some Fuzzibunz diapers. Now, I'm inspired to try them. The price is quite the deterant, though. Then again, how much have I been spending on disposables!? I think it's time to give it a try. Anyone have any advice, suggestions, places to get the diapers, diapers to sell or give away, websites, etc? Leave your answers in the comments section for me, please.

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Anonymous said...

The Prowraps classic diaper covers are very similar to the ones I used for my children ( Gerber pinless covers, but they are not making them anymore). They are less than 7.00 per cover and you just use prefold diapers. I've seen many systems that seem quite expensive and don't like the idea of having to change the cover each time you change the diaper. If you use prefolds with a wrap cover and get the diaper around baby's legs correctly, they won't mess on every cover and you need fewer. I usually had about 4-6 covers and 2-3 dozen diapers. The thinner the diaper, the faster they dry. I tried shaped diapers but they were so thick, they took way too long to dry,especially on the clothesline. Just be prepared to change diapers more often than you might with disposables as they won't be as absorbant.