Monday, January 02, 2006

Odd place to remember blessings....

Soap and shampoo....

I was in the shower last night and looked up at the many bottles of shampoo, the bottle of bodywash, and hubby's bar of Irish Spring Soap and I realized just how blessed I am! I could have laughed out loud!

Many people see hubby and I as lacking, perhaps even borderline poor. After all, we don't subscribe to TV and we have a strict budget. People often offer us stuff, or say they'll give us a deal, or ask if we need any help. People even think that we'd be "better off" if I got a job too.

What they don't see are the overwhelming blessings we have and the overwhelming blessings we receive!! If we're so poor, then how come I have 3 different shampoos to choose from when I wash my hair. But I must be poor because I don't get my hair colored and styled. If we're so poor, then how come I have bodywash instead of an inexpensive bar of soap. But I must be poor because it's the generic brand, not the name brand. And goodness, we've GOT to be poor because all this is shoved into one bathroom! Don't you know the average American NEEDS at least 2 bathrooms!?

It's not about materialism and gain. It's about what God has given us. And even if we were legally poor, we'd still be blessed! BTW, I did grow up legally poor and any lacking I felt was in selfish materialism. Nothing more.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, ladyscott, for a fresh perspective on materialism. You are so right! Excessive material 'things' do not a happy person make!
I just discovered your blog a few days ago, and I really enjoy your comments. Thanks for blogging!