Sunday, January 15, 2006

Going and Growing

As my 3rd trimester approaches, I'm returning to first trimester feelings....a bit of nausea and exhaustion. I get sooooo sleepy now! Thankfully, both aren't as strong as they were in the first trimester, and I can usually work through them, so long as I eat carefully and take time to rest with my feet up.

I'm realizing once again that pregnancy is hard work and I can't do everything like I used to. Even getting up out of bed or off the couch is harder and takes longer than it did pre-pregnancy. Even putting on my socks in the morning takes an added effort. So, I understand that I need to rest and take things one at a time. This requires a schedule as well as flexibility....what a combo, like a big oxy-moron! Time management is key and so is not getting discouraged. I just keep going and growing. Soon, I'll have my baby boy in my arms, and time will be even more constrained!

Please don't think I'm complaining or over-analysing. I actually find this fun! It's like a game, a hobby for me to work things out and find the best method for myself and the situations I'm in! Attitude counts.



Stephanie said...

Hi Ladyscott! I'm just being nosy, but I am curious as to when you are due. If my math isn't wrong, I would guess it to be sometime in April? I have 2 sons, one born April 20th (An Easter Baby!) and my youngest was born this past year on April, you can see why I am curious.
Take it easy and enjoy it...I was always complaining and worrying with my first and never took the time to enjoy it. Looking back, I regret that now. Although, I am lucky I got a second chance, and I made sure to enjoy it that time!

Kate said...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm due April 27th and I'm soooo looking forward to it!