Thursday, January 05, 2006

Groceries on a prayer

Lady of Virtue at has a post up now about how she feeds 12 people 3 square meals a day. What an awesome post! I can't imagine cooking for that many people! I mean, most of us don't even have dinner parties that big! :)

She writes how she can do this and do it affordably thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. I had to smile because I make it a practice to pray before I grocery shop. I've taken to tithing with the grocery money hubby provides, and I pray thanks to the Lord for his provisions and that I use the money wisely and get what I need for the week with it.

I did this just yesterday and not only did I get what I needed for the week, but God provided me with enough left over for a treat for hubby, deli lunch meat! I was also able to get a package of strawberries! What a blessing!

Sometimes, when I'm in the grocery store, I see others pushing around carts full of goodies. They have name brands, snacks and soda, or expensive cuts of meat. I really feel down when I see people load up on fresh fruits and veggies, while I carefully weigh options and punch numbers in a little calculator and dig in the bottom of my purse to see if I have enough change to pay for my order, or if I have to put something back.

But I have to remind myself that my God shall provide all my needs, not all my wants. I also can't see more deeply in these people's lives. Is that a career mom who's children are at that time stuck in daycare? Her cart is loaded with expensive quick-meals and snacks for children as if she doesn't have enough time to be able to cook for them, yet she has to work to afford those expensive TV dinners and frozen pizzas. Is that a couple who's driving themselves deeper in debt because of a lack of a budget and just buying what they want? Is that someone who was blessed with a gift certificate and is taking full advantage of that blessing with thanksgiving? Is that someone who has to feed a lot of people and therefore has a higher grocery budget than I do? Is that someone from the mountains who only grocery shops once a month and that's why their cart is full?

I must keep my eyes on my own cart and my own blessings. I am thankful!

I also pray before I drive anywhere. I pray for protection and good gas mileage.


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