Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Below the kitchen sink...

That icky place below the kitchen sink needs some attention now. I did have it on my schedule today, but spent the morning grocery shopping and errand-running, and the afternoon I spent working on our taxes.

What I want to do is prep below the sink for when my son is born. Right now the cabinet houses loads of household chemicals. I'm going to move those to a shelf in the basement, and when they're used up, I'll be replacing them with homemade, all natural, environmentally sound cleaners. Under the sink also houses my garbage pail. That'll probably remain.

*Side note* I prefer a small waste basket as opposed to a large kitchen garbage pail. The little waste basket is lined with a plastic grocery bag. When it is full (about every 2 days), I tie up the grocery bag and place it in the garbage bag lined garbage pail outside. This keeps odors down in the house. I recycle tins and plastics, burn cardboard (our garbage pick-up will not take cardboard for recycling), recycle paper, and hopefully soon I'll be able to throw veggie matter into a compost pile.

After the space is cleaned out, I want to remove the contact paper because under it is a rusty mess that needs to be taken care of. I'll scour the mess smooth, brush it clean, and then ask my brother to spray paint the area white. (Pregnant women are warned not to use spray paints). When it dries, I'll apply new contact paper, move the garbage pail back in, and add a bin for recyling paper.

This will eliminate the bin from next to the fridge, thus leaving an open space for hubby's boots and boot dryer!

The plan is laid out....when can I get it done? :)


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Anonymous said...

Nice idea! I'm 29 weeks preg. with #4. So all my cleaners are up, but that space is grungy. I think I will pick up some contact paper at the store today and clean it up. I've been nesting hugely too. As for the veggie matter, you may consider getting a couple of chickens. We got a few last year for fun, they are low-maintence and eat all our scraps and give us a couple eggs a day. Take care! Tara